Chicken feather loss/ diahrrea/ fatigue/ drinking water

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    Okay so Im new to all this. I got a rooster a couple months ago and just got two hens not even a week ago. They are banties. On of them has some feather loss on her head and right above her tail. The place right above her tail has a few oozing bumps? She was like this when I got her and there were no roosters in the pen with her. She is also drinking a TON. way more than the others. I'm sitting here with her right now and she has at least been drinking for 20 mins straight. Is something wrong? And with my other hen, she has diarrhea and is laying down a whole lot. Is she okay? And how long will it take them to lay eggs?
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    First off, welcome to BYC! The BYC community welcomes you with open arms and will try our best to answer any questions you have.

    With your first hen that has feather loss..... I would go to your local feed store and buy some blu-cote to spray on her bare area's, it will allow the feathers to grow back and deter any pecking from the other chickens. As for right now, put some iodine on the oozing bumps to clean it. As for the water drinking, I would try to go to a feed store and buy some electrolytes to boost her immune system. Research it a little more on BYC, a lot of threads on here may help you. Chickens won't let you eggs if they're feeling sick.

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