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    So as not to hijack the other thread...

    Comments have been made by some pooh-poohing what has been said about chicken feed being "toxic" to goats.

    While it isn't toxic, it can be harmful. Perhaps toxic is indeed the wrong word, but we're just trying to get a point across.

    1st point - Ca/Ph ratio

    It SHOULD be 2:1
    Chicken feed, an example (Layena pellets):
    Calcium, not more than 4.25%
    Phosphorus, not less than 0.5%


    2nd point - Corn based

    YES...I know...goat feed has corn and corn by-products in it, but in GOOD goat feeds, these will not be the #1 or #2 ingredient - rather oats, barley, roughage/forage products etc.

    How can you tell? What color are the pellets? Are they dull yellow? Corn based. Are they darker? They have more alfalfa meal and barley. How else can you tell? Pick up the phone and ASK the rep.

    Corn can cause SO many problems - UC in males and females, acidosis, bloat, even mess with vitamin and mineral uptake and selenium usage.

    I'll just close with this...they're your goats - do what you are comfortable doing. Just don't say you didn't know it could happen when you have a problem! [​IMG]
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    [​IMG] Couldnt have said it better myself Kate... [​IMG]
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    My girl Bella's #1 quest when she is let out is to go check all the areas to see if there is ANY chicken feed she can get into. I have some feeders that are outside of the pens for the chickens that roam the yard. It drives me crazy! [​IMG] And if she is out for a while she will go back and re-check. [​IMG] She is so BAD! So everyone knows to make sure all chicken feed is picked up before the goats are let out.

    I sent you a PM about a question I have concerning my goats.
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    A friend had a little buck that was an escape artist. She tried everything to keep him with the rest of her herd, but he got out almost daily and went right to the chicken food.
    It took three months, but she found him dead from it.
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    I think it would be wise to include that besides the potential harmful affects of the corn, etc. a big issue of goats eating chicken feed is that they LOVE it and can so easily eat too much which can cause bloat. Bloat will also kill a goat.
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    Quote:I did [​IMG]

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    Kate Thank you for explaining this in such a clear factual way. I keep reading conflicting things. Tammy
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    [​IMG] Thanks for explaining this!

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