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    Apr 12, 2012
    I am super new to raising chickens. We have our first 10 chicks ever still under their warming lamp. In the next few weeks though, we'll be getting ready to move them outside. We have a small coop ready a pen for them to get out and about in for when we're not outside to keep an eye on their roaming (we live beside a forested area and predators abound!). The pen is mobile so we could move it around the yard if need be. This is probably a really stupid question, but I'm trying to figure out which kind of feeder & waterer to set up, but I don't know if the food/water should be inside the coop or accessable from inside the pen (which may or maynot have access to the coop depending on if we have it moved to a different section of the yard.) Do chickens need access to their food and water after I close up their coop for the night?
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    The in or out debate continues. I always prefer to have feed and water available when they get up, so I put in the coop when I can. With a movable coop you may not have the room inside for some types feeders and waterers. Since they do alright overnight without food or water you have flexibility in what you do. Its a management decision. So its not a really stupid question. Since you asked one "stupid" question, feel free to ask more. Its the only way to find out. Welcome to BYC.
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    This might or might not help. But... this is a link to a great water system (IMO) It looks like it might work for you as it would be small and light. Then you could disconnect and move coop as needed. You could modify it in anyway you need. This is just one of many here.

    I am planing on hooking up something similar mine would have a rain barrel I would fill instead of the automatic fill part.

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