Chicken Feet for Protection vs Preditors


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Jun 17, 2010
I've always noticed between the Chicken Coop and the Run area that there is a wooden plank. Isn't there a design that utilizes a chickens foot or wings vs a dog or something being able to climb up the plank? I'm considering putting chicken wire or other large mesh type material vs a wooden plank. Has anyone tried this before and had any luck? What about some other types of material dogs or cats may refuse to walk on like.... tape, water, ect....

I know in Texas there are cattle guards or grids all over that keep cattle from crossing certain roads why not dogs?

Does anyone use chicken wire floors?

*Up late brainstorming because i can't sleep.*
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Apr 14, 2009
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Quote:My Chow Chow dog will not walk across things like drainage grates (much like cattle guards) or manhole covers, or anything similar. If we are walking and come to a drainage thingy (metal strip in the sidewalk) I have to walk over it first before she will.

My Lab dog doesn't even notice stuff like that.

There's too much variation in dogs for that kind of thing to work

Just design the run around your coop dog proofed -- with strong fence, dig under protection, and a top. Reinforce with electric fence if necessary. That way the dogs will be outside the fence and not even in the area where the coop is.


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Quote:No, because many dogs (and ALL raccoons and foxes) are excellent climbers. I've seen a number of different videos of dogs climbing up nearly-vertical ladders to get on the house roof with their owner!!


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