Chicken first aid kit / first aid supplies ? - (to buy in UK)

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    Hi ,

    We are new to chicken keeping and wondered where we can, when needed get antibiotics ect should one of our hens require them. I know I can take them to the vet, but will be faced with a charge for at least £25 before the vet has even looked at the bird and to be honest even thou I live in a rural area none of the vets would know anything more than very basic chicken first aid or diagnosis. ( we diagnosed crook / wry neck and successfully treated it using this forum !)

    It appears - I might be wrong that you are able to access medications over the counter far easier in America than we are here in the UK.

    Is there anyone in the UK that could recommend somewhere I can stock up on a few essentials just in case I need them or where I can get medication other than the vet?
    My local feed store stocks syringes and tiny needles should I need them and they cost a few pence, but everything seams to be aimed at larger farm animals and horses. ( we do keep horses so have a basic first aid kit for cuts bumps and knocks.)

    Thank you

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