Chicken flew away or ran away

Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by cnewbold, Nov 11, 2016.

  1. cnewbold

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    Nov 11, 2016
    My neighbor has hens and came home and I hen was in my driveway. She decided she was staying. I tried to get in contact with the neighbors and they were out of town. I finally went to their house after the chicken has been here for a week. I talk to the owner she notice the chicken had been missing. She said that the other hens pick on her and seem to treat her as an out cast. She must have got scared and left. Now she won't leave nad seems to love me. I have never owned a chicken. At first she liked it on top of my fountain. So I made her a really cool nest out of soft weeds and I put carpet and towels underneath to make it nice and soft. She did not like it after I fixed it . Now she is on top of two plastic containers. She is not laying eggs and it not quite a year old. I am afraid if she doesn't have another hen she will die and become lonely. It looks like she loves it here and is just glad to be here and away from her mean sisters. Should I get another chicken? The neightbor know if they take her back she will be right back at my house. They gave me some feed and I also give her fresh water and veggies. She goes around and eats bugs and worms. I just love her. i never knew owning a chicken would be so fun. It will soon get very cold here and I am afraid she will freeze to death with out another chicken. I have a dog pen that I could put her in. She just loves to do her own thing and have the whole yard to run around in. She is just a different type of chicken. I noticed she was smaller then the other hens she ws with. Do you think that is why they picked on her? Maybe she hates to be confined. Dang I just don't know. I don't mind keeping her I just want her to die. Any ideas.
  2. sourland

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    New Jersey
    [​IMG] The social order of chickens can be quite brutal. Big chickens pick on smaller/weaker chickens. She really needs some protection from predators in the evening. Confining her to the secure dog run in the evening and when you can not supervise her freedom might be a very good idea. Everything likes to eat chicken. If she is quite small, she may very well be a bantam, and will need other bantams for company rather than large fowl.
  3. Pork Pie Ken

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    Jan 30, 2015
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    Hi and welcome to BYC. Great observations / advice from Sourland.

    Best wishes
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    Apr 24, 2016
    Hello there, and welcome to Backyard Chickens! You sound like you are doing a great job caring for your new chicken. She needs a coop to sleep in, or you will come out one morning and find a devastating pile of feathers. You may like to look at the coop sections for some awesome coop designs, I bet you'll find some to fit your bill. Here is a link to it: You can find about every answer you ever have about chicken keeping in the Learning Center, you might like to check it out for a crash course: It sounds like your little chicken might fare well with a silkie friend, silkies being very gentle, and though they are ''bantams'' they are large bantams, so you might like to investigate silkies.... I hope you enjoy yourself here!
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    Hello, and welcome to BYC!
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    Or you could keep her as a house chicken. Please check out the "people with house chickens thread." Sometimes chickens prefer the company of humans - people don't bully them & pluck feathers out.
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    Howdy from Kansas and [​IMG]! Happy to have you in our flock! Looks like you've been given loads of advice so I'll just say best wishes and thanks for joining BYC! [​IMG]
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    Jun 15, 2012
    Welcome to BYC! I'm glad you joined us! :)
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    Welcome to BYC! It's great to have you.
  10. cnewbold

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    Nov 11, 2016
    So far the my chicken seems very happy. She has made her home in my shed. I made her a nest and I keep it warm in the shed. She hates be locked in for some reason. They people that owed her before said she was an escape artist. My yard has a 10 ft fenced all around it. She feels very safe. When Spring hits i will set her up something in the dog pen. Right now she is giving me extra large eggs. She knows she can leave anytime she wants and this seems to make her happy. She goes to the window every morning to let me know she is hungry.

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