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Apr 16, 2013
I have 18 11 week old chicks that eat a lot. I feed them growers pellets which come in 25kg bags. I also give them all chicken scraps and I boil up vegetable peelings. They have quite a look of grass to roam around on .Are there any other ways to keep down the food cost or other things I can feed them?
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Sep 5, 2012
South Georgia, USA
My flock LOVES left over pasta, bread, cooked leftover veggies & fresh strawberry tops. :)

UPDATE*******My flock free ranges on 2.5 fenced acres daily & are fed layer feed in addition to the above snacks. I get maximum egg production & wonderful tasting eggs. ******
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Aug 19, 2012
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Free ranging, if you have the land, is the best way to cut down costs. If you are concerned about predators you could do a chicken tractor. You can also look into growing fodder. You can farm your own mealworms. VERY cheap and very health chicken snack that they go crazy for.

Another option would be fermenting your feed to get the most out of it. Some people report going through it slower after fermenting.

You can always give scraps but keep in mind the overall balance of nutrition and that while chickens and people alike love white flour pasta and bread they have basically no nutritional value. If you are going to give lots of scraps you may want to consider a higher protein feed so it evens out. It really depends on what your overall goals are.

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