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    Hi i am a 1st time chicken keeper and i have 8 hens and one rooster and i am feeding them a fermented grain mix to my chickens . I just would like to know what is a good ratio to feed them as at the moment i am just pouring it out in to the feed plate until i think there is enough there for them.I am not sure if i am giving them enough or not as they all ways think i am going to feed them when i walk past them in their coop, or is this normal for them to do that?. TIA
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    It is normal for even the best fed chickens to beg treats.
    However, they are voracious eaters and need food available all waking hours.
    Also, are they just getting a grain blend as their sole feed? They are omnivores and need more than grain.
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    I am giving them a layer gain mix and well as food waste and meal worms as a treat .
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