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  1. JValera

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    Dec 22, 2016
    Hi Guys and Hi Ladies

    I would like to know , because i will have Chicken hen Layers
    ( Bared Rocks , Red Sex Link , Black Australop , Bluff Orlington , and Silver Lace )

    I will use to feed the chicks Start & Grow medicated or Chick Starter...

    Which is better ?? or Are they same ??

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    can I stop feed when they reach 7 weeks old and can I start to give Flock Raiser 20 % ??


    What week of age can I start giving Layena ?? A month before they start laying eggs ??
    please , answer my questions................ thank you so much and prosper 2017

  2. BantamLover21

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    Jul 24, 2013
    IMHO, both chick starter feeds would be good choices: they're both medicated to help prevent Coccidiosis and come from reliable feed brands.

    Once your chicks are 8 weeks old, you could switch over to Flock Raiser. Or, if you get the Purina Start and Grow, you could keep feeding that. When the pullets reach about 18 weeks old or begin to lay, you should then switch to Layer.
  3. lazy gardener

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    Nov 7, 2012
    How many chicks will you be starting? You might prefer to buy a larger bag of feed to start. Your choice whether you use medicated or non medicated. Read the nutrient tags and you'll find that both brands are most likely essentially the same.
  4. JValera

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    Dec 22, 2016
    Thank you so much my friend

    Yes I will use medicated ,

    I 'm thinking to start with Chick Starter medicated ,

    Once the chicks are 8 weeks old , I will switch over to Flock Raiser.

    When the pullets reach about 18 weeks old , then I will switch to Layena.

    I would like to give some time extra food maybe once at week

    Do you know which brand name are good ?

    about the Scratch Grains and Mealworms

    thank you so much
  5. Hokum Coco

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    Dec 6, 2012
    New Brunswick,Canada
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  6. How I feed my Birds....

    Hatch till 8 weeks I feed medicated Starter.......Granite grit

    8 weeks till layers. Grower crumble ,granite grit

    Grower then added 50/50 with layer till my Birds are 1 years old........Oyster shell and granite grit in two separate bowls...

    At a year old I switch the Grower to a Finisher and mix with layer at 50/50 till hard molt......

    Molt I put back on Grower till feathers are good and first egg.....Once feathers are all pretty I go back to the Finisher and layer feed......

    I give fillers such as Apples, cucumbers and scratch at 5% once a week...1 Tablespoon per bird.....

    The trick is to keep the Nutrition Balanced and the Birds will thrive.....

  7. JValera

    JValera Out Of The Brooder

    Dec 22, 2016
    Thank you Hokum Coco

    I will start to feed with Starter Grow until 8 weeks old,

    Later I will give Flock Raiser until 18 weeks old and later switch to Layena

    thank you so much

    Happy and prosper 2017


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