Chicken football, bock bock hike


May 15, 2019
I inadvertently discovered this spectator sport when moving a chicken tractor over matted down garden growth last winter. There was a poor little mouse under one of the matted down veggie stalks. He was quickly set upon by a pack of ravenous velociraptors. The poor little thing was was dead before he knew what happened, but the epic game of keep-away / tug-of-war that ensued was pretty entertaining. Being in a confined space the current holder couldn't just secret off to a secluded spot to relish in the protein laden spoils. Woe to the naive victor, as the feelings of envy and hunger build within her rivals. Probably fifteen minutes of take backs, defensive lines being formed, routes, and dirty tricks. I figured, heck, it gives the exercise, they didn't get aggressive with each other, just at poor Mickey. Now if we catch a mouse in a trap, (already dead of course), it gets flung by the tail to the awaiting gladiators. It must have been the same feeling Julius Caesar had while presiding at the Colosseum. Does anyone else do this? I don't think it would hurt them? They enjoy it, the mouse doesn't go to waste, he's dead anyhow. I mean, free ranging they eat anything that don't eat them.
Just found out turkey kohlrabi greens foosball, is pretty entertaining too. Maybe I am just a sadist? They love them, I've not seen them like any other treat as much. They tear up and eat the whole thing, thick heavy ribs and all. Through them in a handful of acorns at the same time, wild turkeys would go nuts for. They were meh, give me more kohlrabi.

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