Chicken friendly places to move to in DuPage County, IL?

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    May 31, 2010
    We will be buying a house soon, and naturally want to go someplace chicken-friendly. Our restrictions are that 1. it must be in DuPage county, IL (due to an assistance program for 1st time buyers), and as we are both disabled and often need help with things, 2. we must stay near either family, or friends (They live in Westmont (cass ave, a couple blocks N of Ogden), and Wheaton (president street, a couple blocks N of the college)). Westmont and Wheaton are obvious considerations, as are other towns if it's still within a few minute's drive (oak brook terrace? Glen Ellyn?) Oh and 3. affordability. We don't mind a fixer-upper/foreclosed-on place, we'd like to stay under $150,000)

    I am reading through the town ordinances, but that won't tell me about the actual "atmosphere" of the place- a law on the books doesn't do me much good if I move in, find no one actually keeps chickens and someone immediately petitions town hall to make it illegal (not that I'd give them reason, but if someone hates you for something else (race, religion whatever) they'll go after what they can; I'd like it if urban-farming and chicken keeping was already an "in" thing in the neighborhood). And vice-versa- maybe a law against chickens on the books has just recently been changed and hasn't made it to the online record of codes yet.

    FWIW, we're currently lucky to be renting a house from a permissive landlord (probably because they plan to tear this place down anyway), and are surrounded by businesses. Our nearest actual neighbour is far enough away, they can't hear our Banty Roo crowing from the garage (where they stay at night) so we've not had to worry much about the whole neighbour thing.

    Any feedback / advice / related personal experiences welcomed!
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