Chicken Fussing?

Discussion in 'Chicken Behaviors and Egglaying' started by Donna Lynn, Jan 28, 2013.

  1. Donna Lynn

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    I'm wondering if anyone else thinks hens fuss with each other. My barred rock, Mabel started laying first and now one of my two RIR's, Mildred is laying. Pearl is a late bloomer, I guess, they are all the same age.

    Anyway, Mabel seems to be fussing because Mildred is in one of the two nest boxes. The egg song is loud enough and thankfully, mostly sung after everyone is off to work or school. But Mabel seems very perturbed that Mildred is in the boxes so much so that she now lays later in the day, noonish or so and she continually makes a long, loud and continuous bwak over and over.

    Is she fussing at Mildred? I had to put she and Pearl in a separate area this morning so Mildred could peacefully lay in the nest. Mabel kept fussing teaching Pearl how to fuss and they kept going up in the coop annoying Mildred.

    Advice? Thoughts?


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    It's all part of the "Chicken Saga". You've got that box' therefore, I want it.
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    I have the same type of chicken squabbles going on over in my coop with my 5 girls. Although I must say, it's been pretty quite lately, my girls have decided to take a break from laying eggs. They are finishing up their first molt(18months) and with the days still short, that for me equals no eggs for the last month and a half now. So the chickens have had nothing to fight about. I'm sure it'll start up once they start laying again.[​IMG]
  4. Donna Lynn

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    Thanks everyone! My girls are new to laying! Mabel started 3 weeks ago, Mildred joined her last week and lo and behold, my late bloomer Pearl laid her first egg today.

    Mabel was so loud this morning! I really think she was protesting the other two being in "her boxes"! LOL I finally shut her out so Mildred could lay and then I heard more fuss and I shut her out because Pearl was sitting on a nest and then, finally when they were finished I Mabel back in.

    I live in suburbia and while most of my neighbors go to work there are a few. My closest neighbors know I have chickens but Mabel was really loud.

    Anyway, thanks for all the support!

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    If you have enough boxes, you may want to consider spreading them out a bit. It may be less of an issue if the boxes are in different positions, directions, locations.
  6. HSCMorgans

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    I think some hens prefer specific nests... I will find the same lady's in the same nests each day even tho there are several nests to choose from... If its taken they do get irritated....
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    I too see this, one of my RIR's will lay in the floor if "her" nest is busy, all the others will use another nest. My Barred Rock sings loud and long and an EE talks about it for at least an hour before hand.

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