Chicken Gagging, tried Safeguard and also mineral oil

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    Jul 12, 2010
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    It has been a week since I had to isolate her due to gagging. I don't have an extra outdoor area, so I have placed her in the bathroom in a dog crate. This morning my husband took a shower with her in there and the entire time she went crazy eating food. She is still gagging and seems weak. Here is what I have tried and when:
    Mineral oil in case something was caught - twice in the beginning
    Corn syrup again in case something was caught - this also gave her a bit of energy
    Safeguard - a little less then a pea size last night

    Could the fact that she went crazy eating a sign she is getting better and the Safeguard is working or could it have been the steam from the shower?

    She is 1-1/2 months old.

    Thanks for any advice. This is VERY new to me!

  2. This little fellow may need an x-ray. Could be something caught in the throat/crop...
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    I'm wondering if your chick would have gape worm. It's actually a little type of worm that can get into the trachea and this can cause them to gasp and stretch their's pretty uncomfortable.
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  5. starlite101

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    Jul 12, 2010
    Auburn, MA
    I thought it might be gapeworm, that is why I gave her some Safeguard. Do I repeat this again and if so, when? Is there anything more that I can do? I feel so helpless with my poor chick. She comes right to me to pick up everytime I enter the restroom where we are currently keeping her. I think that the fact that she started eating a lot all of a sudden this morning is a good sign. I just hope it was not too late for giving her the medicine.
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    Quote:IMO I doubt i'ts gapeworm..Even if it were a one time dose of Safeguard is not effective, It would need to be given for 5 days

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