Chicken Genetics Quesiton... Advice and info Please...

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    Regarding breeding... I only know what Ive experienced...

    My 1st breeding group
    An Arucana rumpless Male and Turken Hen crossed, I got half with naked neck and half with feathered necks... I got half with tail and half rumpless...

    With that... I have a new breeding group and wanted to get some insite from others who have done it...
    Breeding Group 1

    I have a Black Silky Male... Nice Roo...

    I have a Gray Silky Turken hen... VERY NICE...

    I plan to cross them... what should the offspring be?

    In my Idea... I think it should be 75 percent silky and 25 percent normal feathers..., and that half the chicks should not have feathers on there neck... is that right?
    Breeding Group 2

    Black silky Male

    Black Frizzle hen

    Gray Frizzle hen
    Breeding Group 3

    Black Silky male

    Gray Normal feather Rumpless Arucana hen.

    What should the offspring be for my 3 breeding groups and in what percentages do you think?
    Ill post pictures tomorrow when theres sun light.
    Thanks for all your help
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    You should be posting this question in the Breeds, Genetics & Showing section of this site. You can probably call on a moderator and ask them to move this posting to the appropriate section.
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    Jan 19, 2009
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    group 1 all silkies, half will be naked neced silkies (showgirls).

    group 2 all normal feathered (given all frizzles are not hetero for h), half will be frizzled (sizzles)

    group 3 all normal feather, half will be rumpless.

    All group chicks will have silkie traits if the roosters are of good quality.... extra toe, dark skin, crest...
  4. texascowboy1979

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    Pictures Updated... to orignial post at the top...

    So they should all be silky or split to silky right???
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    Quote:An silkied parent will give the gene to all its offspring. If both parents are silkied, their offspring will be silkied; if only one parent is silkied, they will all be split to silkie. (However, it the other parent is split, half will be silkied.)

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