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    Aug 22, 2011
    Hello- I'm new to this forum and relatively new to raising chickens. I have one buff orpington about 6.5 months that lays and 2 ameriquanas (sp?) about 4 months old. The 3 birds have been together about 3 months and there was some mild pecking the 1st day, by and large the older bird has been mothering the other two. Today I found a hen pecked spot on one of the younger birds. The area was a bit bloody and clear of feathers. It's about a quarter size. Two questions

    1) how do I treat the wound (or do I)?

    2) how do I stop the pecking?

    today everything seems normal in the coop as it did yesterday. Seems to have happened @ night. Anything I should do this night?


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    Quote:1. wash the wound out with some warm water
    2. to stop the pecking you need to figure out why, are they closed up all day in a run or are they allowed to roam about some?what do they eat? sometimes extra protein will help.
    3. if this is a visible wound then I would remove her because it will only get worse, chickens are drawn to red. so you need to get a product called Blue-kote it comes in a spray and when you spray it it will make the wound purple and anything else it touches lol. It is inexpensive and really does help with healing and disquises the wound and gives it time to heal. Hope this helps. [​IMG]
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