Chicken got out of area and our dog got to her

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    Jul 7, 2016
    Hello everyone, new to this site appreciate any advice. Our hen got out somehow I have no clue and our boxer got ahold of her enough to injure her but not kill her. After we resulted her she was in shock and sat for a while without moving but in the mean time she did eat and now she is up and moving around and eating and drinking normally however in the pic you can see she has some damage to her neck. Please advise what to do? Vets locally will not look at her, we live in California so not as easy to find a vet. Please advise home remedies or what antibiotics? Thank you [​IMG]
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    Is the skin broken? If not, might try Bactine spray to kill any germs from dog. You need to watch that the other chickens don't peck at it. If you can separate her for a few day, she may begin to grow some new feathers. If the others aren't bothering her and she is acting normal, eg., eating, drinking and pooping, she should be fine.

    After enlarging the pic, the wound looks worse than I first thought. Clean it up with soap and water. Spray with gentian violet (purple wound spray for animals). You can get this at Tractor Supply or any feed store. Check often and re-apply if needed. If you can separate her, do it. Watch for any oozing which would indicate infection which would require an antibiotic: Penicillin, 1/2cc for 3 to 5 days. Hope this helps.
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    Jul 5, 2016
    Hi calichicken31. I am new to this chicken stuff so I only have words of encouragement. One of our hens was attacked by something yesterday and she has a huge hole in her neck. But from what I've read online if we keep her doctored and separated from the others for a while, she should be alright. We're thinking she got attacked by one of our roosters or possibly a hawk. I send you well wishes for your hen.

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