CHICKEN GRAB BAG!!! You pick which breeds you want

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    Jun 22, 2010
    This auction will be for 12+ hatching eggs. If you win the auction you can choose which eggs make up the dozen. It can be all one breed or a mix and match of any of the breeds I have.

    You will have the following breeds to choose from: Black Austrolorps, Speckled Sussex, TRUE Dominiques, Orpingtons (lavendar, buff, splash).

    None of my birds are hatchery stock, they have all come from breeders and are very healthy, large docile birds.

    All are great layers and lay large, brown eggs.

    These eggs will ship out on Monday March 21st, shipping is a flat rate of $14.00.

    I bubble wrap each egg individually and then put them in a cardboard egg carton, the carton is then bubble wrapped. I line the shipping box with packing pillows and place the bubble wrapped carton in the middle. Finally, I fill in any empty spaces with packing peanuts. With this being said I have no control over the eggs once they leave my hands.

    Please let me know if you have any questions.


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