Chicken Guard automatic door opener

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    May 24, 2013
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    I would like you all know what a great experience I had with chicken guard USA.

    I had a issue with my opener and thought is was history. Luckily for me chicken guard USA was watching this forum and I did not know we had a USA office cause when I bought mine 4 years ago I had ordered it from Europe. So I was not looking forward to shipping it over seas and waiting weeks to get it back besides the shipping cost. I figured that when all said and done I would be spend so much on repairs and shipping cost that it was not worth going that route. I shipped it to the great state of Texas and man you talk about quick turnaround. They did great!. They said it was only $25 for labor + parts. So I sent a $35 check with the opener. I needed a couple parts.

    So anyone looking to buy a automatic door opener. I would like to suggest a chicken Guard automatic door opener. Thank you chicken guard USA for the great service. I am spoiled to your opener. So if this opener ever dies I will buy another chicken guard cause the service is OUTSTANDING! THANKS AGAIN CHICKEN GUARD. Karl Atkins Redding CA.

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