Chicken has an enlarged crop

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  1. allyrand

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    May 16, 2016
    A couple days ago I went to the coop to feed my chickens, I have 12, and one of them I noticed had a large lump on her chest. I've been researching it and I think she has an impacted crop. I have since had to isolate her from the rest of the chickens because they pecked at her to the point she bled. Now she is in our house in a crate in hopes that she will recover and be able to rejoin her sisters in the outside pen. Today, she vomited, or so it seemed, a tan colored liquid. I have placed a call to our vet but have yet for them to call me back. I read to soak a piece of bread in olive oil and it should help dis impact her crop. I did this but she hasn't eaten any of it. Any advice would be helpful, she is such a sweet chicken and I'd hate to have anything happen to her. Thank you for any suggestions

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