Chicken has fat pouch on her neck???


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Apr 22, 2013
Northeast Ohio
My hen who just turned a year old has a big fat pouch on her neck. What could this be? It hangs down and sways back and forth. I took a pic of it. I'll post it from my phone.
I am worried that it might be a tumor or something. Or is it just fat?
Please post pics that would help a lot! :) Is it near her wattles? or down near the breast bone? And is she eating and drinking fine?

She is eating and drinking fine.
It looks like her crop is large and full. Check it first thing in the morning when it should be mostly empty. If it is big and hard, it may be impacted. Long strands of grass or hay can get stuck there. If it is big and soft like a balloon, it may be sour crop. The third possibility is pendulous crop when the crop has lost elasticity. Here is a good link about crop problems:
I think it's definitely sour crop. I tried to get her to puke it up his morning, but couldn't. I am going to move her inside tomorrow. I have been so busy. Ugh!

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