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Uggh, another chicken sick. My others all have early signs of EYP but this hen is different. Her poop is mostly urine and yellow and has a bit of foam/bubbles in it. I heard yellow is rare and usually caused by liver disease. But her ears look nice and red and no sign of yellow which I heard is a symptom of liver disease. Then I searched some more and now I think it's blackhead disease. I need help, right now I'm so confused and tired because I trying my best to take care of my other girls with EYP and then just when I think at least I have one healthy hen, boom this happens.

Her name is Anya. She has been acting less than her usual self. Doesn't eat much, felt crop feel like a little bit of liquid and pellets(purina layena) and treats in there. She also is slower than usual but tries to keep up with the other hens.Here poop is mostly urine and foamy/bubbly yellow like I mentioned above. She's in the house now trying to sleep. She just excreted some of her watery poop, good camera not working so using crummy old camera ,and by the time I found my camera the newspaper absorbed all the yellow urine. So sorry about pic quality. Anyways here is a pic her poop-

She just went again, right after I put my camera away, boo. But this time I was quicker so you could see the yellow but the newspaper again sucked up most of it. this time less poop and more urine-

It was a puddle of bright yellow and bubbly liquid for a minute or two after she excreted it. I could see bubbles, like when you open a bottle of soda and pour it in a cup it sizzles well hers did the same thing and after a few minutes no more bubbles. Isn't that strange?

The other hens with EYP (rest of hens)had scrambled eggs in there poo but no yellow urine. Her's is not scrambled egg even if it looks like it in the 2nd pic, looks like it because it there is white urates in her poo with yellow urine. here is a pic of one of my other hen's(Diamonds) poop that has eyp before giving her penicillin injections-

See the difference in Diamonds poo. That is scrambled egg covered poo.

What to do?
I'm thinking Anya has blackhead disease? And if it is blackhead what is the treatment?
I'm sorry, I don't know anything about blackhead disease. I hope someone comes along to help. Did you try searching blackhead disease in the search field above?
Fell asleep on my keyboard right after typing the above and woke recently, lol. Seached, so far read fenbendazole can kill cecal worm which is the host of Heterakis gallinarum which cause blackhead disease. Safeguard, valbazen which is fenbendazole can be used. Not sure the dosing though. But I'm not even sure if it's blackhead so can someone help me diagnose this?

Also these birds are over 2 years old and I have never wormed them, should I worm them all with safeguard just in case or not. There stools look good now, only Anya has the bubbly yellow urine and other symptoms that I mentioned above.
how are your chickens doing? so you did find out from searching that Anya had worms? Was that why she expelled bubbly, watery, yellow stool?
how are your chickens doing? so you did find out from searching that Anya had worms? Was that why she expelled bubbly, watery, yellow stool?
I kept her in the house for several days, making sure she got plenty to eat which involved me force feeding her. I wanted to wait a few days to see if it would improve by itself and it did. Around 3rd day she was back to normal. Not sure if she "cured" herself but for now she is fine and has lots of energy. I did give her some organic apple cider vinegar and plenty of protein. So happy she is better now, thought she was going to die if I didn't do anything as she was barely eating. And her stool reverted to normal when her appetite came back. But now have another problem to worry about, another hen is sick some kind of respiratory illness. When will it stop?
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So sorry to hear! I'm in the same hen got sick then quickly another has a different problem. It is non-stop and I feel overwhelmed trying to figure out what's wrong with these hens!!! I'm really glad to hear your other hen is doing better on her own! That's strange but that's really good though!
Boy - some people sure have a lot of sickness with their chickens - I must somehow be lucky - my chickens have never been sick - and have never wormed them either - I must be doing something right - I guess -

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