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    Aug 13, 2010
    One evening resting inside my small farm house I heard our banty rooster squawking and cackling furiously. I ran outside to witness a chicken hawk carrying off our banty hen. I started yelling and rushing toward the edge of the yard where the woods begin where the hawk came down with her I guess to get a better grip. The hawk let her go and she ran off but I was able to get her and put her back in her pen. Since then the first time we let her out we did not see her for many days. We thought for sure the hawk had gotten her again. But she showed up about 4-5 days later and now shows up from time to time acting strangely and not going into her pen at night like she always did before the attack. We'll see her some but not much. We did see her this morning and got her in her pen. But we're concerned about just leaving her in for a while to settle down. That's what we're thinking we should do, but then someone said she might be sitting on eggs? Any thoughts or suggestions for henny penny?
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    Sounds like a broody, is she walking around puffed up and bak-bak-ing when others get near her special a rooster?

    You could let her go see where her nest is and then after dark move her into her own special area with her eggs, I bet she would stay setting on them.

    That is if you would like some more chicks [​IMG]

    Glad the hawk didn't get off with her.
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    Aug 5, 2010
    I agree, sounds broody and hiding out with her eggs.

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