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    Feb 24, 2014
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    My flock is 24 weeks old and most of them have started laying. I have noticed that My roo has this white stuff on his comb and I'm not sure what it could be! So I took a pic to see if y'all can help.
    The other pic is of my Lullabelle her comb is pale and has these spots and she feel like she has lost some weight. But she is eating and drinking and laying. I've given them ACV water about once a week and given them some garlic. Could it be due to heat.... Several of the hens combs look pale not as bright as they once were? Is that due to them starting to lay??
    All them are eating well, they have layer feed, I give them a black oil sunflower seed, crack corn and calf mana mix once a week, maybe twice some times, and they get scraps and they have a watering system they drink from and then I give them the extra water tub once a week with the ACV water. There is all kinds of poo out there but nothing that I have been alarmed about.
    So any ideas??

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