Chicken Heaven is a Wonderful Place


Kozy Orchard Farms
10 Years
Sep 24, 2010
Chicken Heaven is a very wonderful place.

It is infinite in every direction and there are no fences. The coups are as big as sky scrapers and there is always an open next box to lay in. There is an entire acre just devoted to taking dust baths with every kind of dirt imaginable that is always just the right consistency for a lovely bath. The sun bathing is choice and there is always a place that is just perfect and the chickens never have to fight for a place to lay in the sun.

There is a huge garden that is full of worms and bugs of all sorts. No matter how much the chickens eat from the garden, the plants always grow back. There is no shortage of food there and whatever they want to eat just appears before them whenever they want to eat it. They can eat as much as they want of their favorite treats and they never run out of them.

They are aloud inside the house whenever they want and there is no shortage of things to break and trouble to get into.

There are no predators in Chicken Heaven. No Coons, dogs, hawks, weasles, skunks, or any other thing to hurt them. They never feel pain, hunger, sadness, or remorse. Everyone is always happy in there and they never have to feel sad.

Anything you can imagine is there for chickens to do, eat, and be a part of.

Chicken heaven is a wonderful place, so don't feel bad when your chickens have to go away there to live. It is just a part of being a chicken. All chickens want to go there when they die and all Chickens do.

R.I.P. all those wonderful chickens who have gone on to live in Chicken Heaven. I know that you are happy there. Even Miss Puffles.
Thank you for this post.
It brought tears to my eyes.
Thank you all for the kind words!

I have many chickens living in Chicken Heaven now and sadly I will probably have many more by the time my life of chicken raising is over. Sadly it it just a part of raising chickens.

This is Miss Puffles and I at Petco in October after a Poultry Swap.

She was truly one of a kind!

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