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chicken hen saddle / apron / diapers / harnesses. Great prices!

Discussion in 'Buy Sell Auction - Archives' started by lovemychix, Nov 2, 2011.

  1. lovemychix

    lovemychix Songster

    Oct 14, 2008
    Moulton Iowa
    This auction is for 1 saddle. You can get more for the same price if you need more. Canvas backs and cotton fronts. Double reinforced edges. These will not flip up. Denim is just the right weight for protection without being heavy. Made with heavy duty snaps I use so they are easy to put on the hen. I have made the ones without snaps and fitting a hens feathers and stretching elastic around them is not fun. Most of all for the safety of my birds and yours I prefer to make my saddles with snaps. I sew my elastic ends to prevent fraying. My hens don't mind wearing these at all and it really helps keep their backs from getting bare. Great to prevent pecking also. Any questions feel free to contact me. I have a lot of different colors. Ask and I can usually find what you like. I use these on my hens and I love them. I buy all my materials in bulk and pass the savings on to you. Thanks to BYC for letting me sell here I can keep prices reasonable. I have sold to hundreds of customers on BYC. I've had people tell me that they bought aprons / saddle from me 2 years ago and they are still holding up!!! The are washable. Please PM me here and not email. BYC emails sometimes get lost in my junk inbox. Thanks and ask any questions you need about anything or want anything special. Been selling since 2008. All my products are used and tested on my hens before I sell so I know they work. My sizes are very accurate as I have many breeds of birds myself. My saddles ship day or day after payment. Thank you!!!

    Standard and large $3.25
    bantam and extra small $2.25
    Free shipping - Orders ship day or day after payment.


    Heavy duty Canvas denim (Carhart denim), or fleece and denim backing. The fleece is very durable, warm and comfortable for winter months. Please state what you prefer. I can scotch guard if you want.

    Your order will be mailed day of or after you order.

    Sizes: I have all kinds of chicken breeds so ask if you are not sure.

    extra small. serama & d'uccle

    bantam. silkie size, bantam cochin

    small standard. buttercup, Hamburg, polish. (smaller than standard hen)

    standard. RIR, EE, Maran, (regular size hen)

    Large. Large breeds such as giant cochin, Jersey Giants.

    U shaped saddles $3.50. For the bird who is being pecked around the vent area.
    Out of the blue and pink on this pic.
    Very durable denim front with or without heart. Can make heart any color you like.
    I also have camo print if you like.
    I can make for any poultry including turkey. Sizes are large, standard, small standard, bantam, and extra small bantam.
    Chicken / duck / geese diapers. $7 to $11.
    extra small $7
    Bantam $8
    medium $9
    large $10
    extra large $11
    Waterproof liner included. Same stuff used in homemade baby diapers. Elastic allows for the diaper to move and stretch with the bird and be comfortable. Measure from the bottom of the neck right where the breastbone starts under the belly to the vent. I use strong snaps on my diapers not velcro. Velcro gets messy with feathers and loses it sticky after washing. These are very easy to put on. Put the diaper over the chest, tuck in the wings and snap! Feel free to ask questions. I can add leash loops for $1. I have been making these since 2008 so I have perfected the pattern to fit. You are better to have a measurement so you get the perfect fit.
    harnesses. Superroo $8 regular $4.50 leash loop included.
    small diapers.

    My website if you want to check it out. Mostly what is here but a few testimonials on my products. http://www.chickensaddlesanddiapers.webs.com/ You can leave feedback here
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