chicken hen saddle / apron / diapers / harnesses


11 Years
Oct 14, 2008
Moulton Iowa
Auction is for one saddle. IF you need more or another item pm me.

Wing protector $6.50.


Diapers $8.25 to $13.25 for extra large for ducks and geese.
Waterproof liner included

Super roo $8.

regular harnesses with loop for leash $4
I purchased some diapers from you last year, and now I actually need some new ones as I have some Seramas that will be living indoors this winter, and whether Charlie (the one rooster) likes it or not, he WILL be wearing a diaper, even if it's an insult to his masculinity, lol.
Do you make them Serama small? I currently have 2 Seramas, but I'm getting 2 more tomorrow as chicks, and I'd like to diaper all 4 of them so I don't have to constantly pin the existing diapers that Charlie has learned to escape from.
And so that I don't have to wash my floors a hundred times a day. He is pretty calm in a diaper, but he picks at it until he can loosen it and it falls off. So I need one his size. I can measure him and Eve, but first I have to find my measuring tape! First I need to know that you can make them that size. If you can, I will most likely be contacting you next month sometime. I believe Charlie is about a Class C, but he might be a Class B. Same with Eve. They're tiny, but not THAT tiny.
Can I buy in like 10 or 12 at a time ? I need to go count my girls but I need alot more then I have.

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