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    I have a nice little flock consisting of about 150 chickens that range in age from a day old to a year old and I havent been fortunate not to loose anyone due to illness or disease (I've had a few random stupid things happen but not disease or illness)...until yesterday. I lost two teenagers. I thought it was from heat. But the next morning I had another die. This morning I lost two more and I put everyone in that coop in crates and was watching and noticed bloody poop. I seperated them into individual pens. Its cocci.
    I though it resulted only from a dirty coop. The only thing I can think of is that it started from wetting down the coops for heat (trying to cool them off). Hubby is going to get meds for them now.

    But considering the size of my flock, I want to have any medications I would possibly need on hand. Can any one give a list of recommendations for meds to have on hand?

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    Medications have expiration dates, so you take risks with it expiring before you use them. It all depends on how much you are willing to spend "just in case."

    There are a variety of wormers and antibiotics you can buy, but you may not need them- or you may need a specific type. If you have access to a store with medications, then you probably won't need to keep any on hand.
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    I always keep Corid, blood stop powder, Blu-Kote, PolyViSol without iron, electrolytes, VetWrap and some kind of no pick stuff.
    It's usually my luck that things happen either at night or when the feed stores aren't open so I like to keep this kind of stuff on hand.
    If you keep things in a cool, dark place, they will last longer than you think. [​IMG]
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    Unfortunately many feed stores are continuously out of medications. Hubby drove 50 miles and has hit 3 stores with no luck on getting what we need. I figured I would get some basic stuff and hope nott to need it.

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