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Terry Allan Hall

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Jun 11, 2007
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Built a new chicken house and set it right next to the other one...hens lay eggs in new one but prefer to sleep in old one. packed like sardines...

Seems odd...
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Chickens are creatures of habit. If you want some of them to roost in the new house, you will probably have to close them up in it for a few days and not let them out. It might be better to just have brand new chickens roost in the new one! They're so funny, aren't they!? I've read of folks who have multiple laying boxes whose chickens all want to use the same one. They will actually stand in line and wait their turn!

But, seriously, if you read some of the posts about introducing new birds to your flock, you will probably run across the bit about closing them up in the coop for a few days so they will know that is their home. Best Wishes!
Actually I think you have a great problem... if they don't sleep in where they lay eggs you will always have clean eggs!!!

If I could just teach mine to stop sleeping in their nest boxes...
I am with Chripy. That don't sound like a bad problem. I wish all of my girls would roost but no they have to sleep i their nest boxes. So that means I have eggs to clean.
Teach mine that too!

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