Chicken housing help...please?

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    [​IMG]Our chicks have grown quickly and are very healthy, its come time to start planning our coop and where to put them. Well my husband wants to turn our closet into a chicken coop so they wont get hurt by any wild animals. However we have a 6ft wide by about 50ft long space that would probably provide more than enough room for 2 chickens. Does anyone have any ideas or any florida wildlife proof chicken coops that I can perhaps save my closet with?
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    I think your space would be more than enough room for two chickens! They might not be super happy in a closet, and your closet would be stinky......LOL

    For two hens, and you're in Florida, so it probably doesn't get very cold there, you could buy one of those hutch style coops, or if you husband is handy, he could check out the coops section of BYC and he could get many ideas from there.

    There are so many options for small coops! It could be a fun project for you and your husband. When you keep chickens outside, basically they need to be locked up during the night so predators don't eat them. If you and your husband want them to be safe all the time, then you'll need to make/or buy a chicken coop with an enclosed chicken run as well. That way they can go outside when you're not watching them.

    The chicken tractors are nice, because, they have little attached runs and you can move them around your yard space so that your chickens can nibble on the grass.....

    Take care and glad you joined BYC!
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