chicken immunity versus Diseases

Mohamed Sabry

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Apr 21, 2014
it's an ancient war between the bird immunity and diseases and the farm owner is the master of this war. we have more than one end for this war:
1- if the enemy solider ( parasite , bacteria, virus or fungi) be able to over come the bird defense lines ( the bird immunity) so that will end by a very bad ending for the bird and the disease will invade the bird body.
2- the bird defense lines be able to stand against the disease and that will end by a little loses and the bird will keep their body healthy.
3- if happen like an equality between the two sides so that may lead to a truce and the bird will be carrier for that disease till this truce broken down by any reinforcements for the disease solider and the war may fired again.

this was my imagination to describe the immune forces and the Microbial one



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Mar 21, 2011
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Birds become immune to their environment. So any new bacteria's or virus's brought into their grounds poses new threats. Those that are not killed by bacterias and virus's become immune and many times, depending on the strain of these things, can become carriers for life. Very interesting on how all this works.

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