Chicken impaled lower bill on hook, just found her hanging

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  1. I just found my hen hanging from a hook on one of those seed cake holders they jump at. I don’t know how long she was there but I pulled the hook out and brought her inside, she looked like she would die any second. I have her wrapped against me, I tried to give her water but she wouldn’t and I can’t find a single vet here who will even look at her after hours. What do I do to try to keep her going?
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    Can you take a picture of the wound for us, please?
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    Where exactly is her wound? Try giving her Karo syrup, just a little with a syringe or on your finger, it's instant sugar, it'll perk her up until you can assess the situation. Is she actively bleeding?
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  6. 111DDCE5-128C-4B45-A18C-EE31205C1D87.jpeg
    I can’t lift her head up to show the hole but she was impaled where her black feathers in the chin area are separated. Sorry, it’s a through and through wound, made worse by hanging from it.
  7. She is not bleeding and I’m assuming it’s because she was hanging there for quite a while. I’ve tried putting some electrolyte water in but I’m not sure how much I actually got down her throat. I made a soup of hard boiled egg and electrolyte water but she’s not interested. I’ll see if I can find some Karo syrup- if not, would any maple syrup work?
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    Do you have a food or postal scale to weigh her on?
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    Gatorade works even a small amount of maple will many can still recover from such accidents
  10. My best guess is she’s about 8 lb but she freaks out if I try to get her in a scale

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