chicken injured by hawk, what are these white spots on her belly?


6 Years
Aug 24, 2013
Our bantam leghorn was attacked by a hawk just over a week ago. She had puncture wounds on her back and belly, seemed in shock, but was able to walk. We took her inside, put neosporin on her wounds, and kept her in for a few days. She seemed to have perked up, walking around the bathroom and chirping, and so we let her back out with the rest of the flock. However the neosporin attracted dirt. Upon washing her I reopened wounds and so back in she came. While I was putting neosporin on her wounds last night, I noticed on her belly, where her belly was bare where many feathers had fallen out, there were white swollen spots. It looks like the bits of fat attached to a chicken breast from the grocery store, about the size of a fingertip. Any idea what this could be? Could an infection appear as white spots? Could this be white bruising from feathers being torn out? I'll try to post a picture after she falls asleep and I can grab her.
If shes missing feathers it could be from where the feathers where torn out, is there and serious swelling or hard lumps around the wounds and does she smell awful at all?
You have to be careful about putting them back outside because of flies and flystrike. Hopefully, it is not maggot-infested which can happen easily in summer. A picture will be helpful.

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