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Chicken Injured on outside edge of Comb

Discussion in 'Emergencies / Diseases / Injuries and Cures' started by 1stChooks, Oct 22, 2008.

  1. 1stChooks

    1stChooks Hatching

    Oct 22, 2008
    About 10 days ago one of my 4.5 month old wyandottes got injured on the side of her comb, a gash about an 3/4 inch long. It looked like maybe she ran into a rose thorn or something and pulled her head back, slicing right along the edge of the comb, between the comb and her head feathers. The comb itself wasn't injured, but right on the dividing line with the feathers. There was some bleeding and a little swelling.

    I didn't put any medication on it because I read somewhere not to put anything near their eyes. I've just been watching it, and her. It's been healing up - scabbed over, and the swelling has gone down. But today it's opened back up and there is some fresh bleeding (much less than when it 1st happened).

    The other thing to mention is today is the 1st day since the injury that my girls were locked in the coop all day. She is definitely low on the totem pole but I haven't noticed the others really picking on her head since the injury. But it's possible they pecked her today out of boredom/frustration.

    My questions: Will this area be able to heal? Should I put medication on it? She's acting normal and as happy as can be, but I was upset to see it opened up again. Can this area heal or can it not mend up for some reason (being between feathers & comb)?

    Thanks for any advice!

  2. CUDA

    CUDA Songster

    Mar 4, 2008
    It will be fine. If you want, spray some blue kote on it, and that will help seal it, and keep other chickens from pecking on it.
  3. HennysMom

    HennysMom Keeper of the Tiara

    one of my girls got her head between the regular gate and the chicken wire somehow and managed to cut up her comb (not terribly but enough to throw blood and have little cuts). I came on here and looked on what to do - ended up putting some ointment on her after we cleaned her up (she actually sat still on our laps the entire time [​IMG] ) and off she went. Took a few days but she healed up fine.

    I dont know what blue kote is, guess I'll have to look that one up. We used (I think) A&D or just Vaseline - it was one of those 2. We're lucky, our girls dont fight and while there is sort of a pecking order that I can tell, they all get along like proper little girls [​IMG]
  4. 1stChooks

    1stChooks Hatching

    Oct 22, 2008
    Thanks for the info & reassurance. She's looking better today, it's closing up again. I think I just freaked that it had re-opened.

    I'm going to get some blue kote to have on hand for the future.

    Thanks again for the responses!

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