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    I have a hen with an eye injury. Her eye is watery and she keeps shutting her bottom eyelid. I can see what looks like a duct or gland in the inside top corner of her eye. It looks swollen maybe. I've been giving her erythromycin eye ointment once a day. It's ointment for human use but it's all I got. How many times per day should I be giving it to her? Other than her eye, she's healthy. No other swelling, no cuts, scrapes, broken bones, no head injury. She's eating and drinking well. This has been going on for two days. I can post a picture in the morning. I've kept her separated from the other hens and rooster. I don't know if she got poked, a bug bite, no idea.
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    A picture may help.
    If you think she may have something in it, you can try flushing it with saline. Some people have success getting whatever out by using a wet qtip to see work it out.
    Not sure how many times a day with the erythromycin eye ointment to put in there. Most people use Terramycin or Vetericyn eye ointments and generally apply 2x a day.

    Any signs of runny nose/discharge?

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