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    May 7, 2014
    My daughter's 6 sebrights are just over 3 weeks old and today we realized, after breaking up some particularly viscious fights, that 4 are male. Now 3 of them are in chicken jail because every time they see each other it starts again. Even through the sides of the plastic tub/brooder. They are inside and at night the house is still around 68. I was trying to figure out a heat lamp set up but because of the jail set up I don't see a way for it to heat part of each of their "cells" and allow space to get away. I tried putting an electric blanket across the back but it shuts off automatically after 3 hours so that might be worse - to get all warmed up and then have it shut off. I am thinking that in the house they will likely be fine as they are and maybe I'll put a towel in each cell for them to snuggle into if needed. What are your thoughts? In case you are wondering tje 4th is feisty too but he's fine in with the girls so he's the lucky one.

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    well if they are inside and 3 weeks it is warm enough for them
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    How big a brooder(feet by feet) were they in when they started fighting?
    Chicks that young usually don't really fight much unless they are crowded.
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    May 7, 2014
    It may be too small. I don't know the measurements at the moment but they were scheduled to move to our larger brooder this week when our other chickens move outside. They fought when they were out of the brooder loose in the room as well though and these tiny bantams are maturing much faster than our large breed chicks did. The other chicks (big breeds) are almost 10 weeks old and are definately overcrowded in the big brooder but they don't fight. Only one of those is a roo though. Tomorrow when I move all the chickens around I will see how these little ones do. If they fight viciously again it should be easy enough to seperate them once more. I have the kids planning small individual chicken tractors if necessary.
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