Chicken Jail

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    My banty roo has hit chicken jail !![​IMG] He attacked my top hen last pm drawing blood , she was shaky for a good 30 minutes. [​IMG] I took several outside breaks today to just observe the little juvenile roo. In a way I feel for him all those raging hormones [​IMG] & 21 girls around . Now mind you none of them are laying yet several are close but not there yet. I also noticed my 2nd in command is looking thin I had noticed last pm her feathers not looking as pretty. [​IMG] While watching flock dynamics today I figured out why, he wouldn't let the top girls eat. [​IMG] So I put out 3 feeders today normally there are 2. He got bold as well & raised his feathers come charging up to me then came the stare down [​IMG] ,buddy I fast walked him around both coops through the yard he & (myself )were winded. [​IMG] This pm while observing them again he grabbed 2 more pullets , pulling head feathers pecking etc.Normally everyone has put themselves to bed by now but it was a chore even to get them all in the run tonite. [​IMG] Once everyone was in the run omg those hormones must be super charged [​IMG] he grabbed a couple more being rough to them I know this is the chicken way but since he ain't a orpington roo or a brahma roo my ,2 breeds ,he gonna hit the pot soon. [​IMG] If he don't settle down after a few days in chicken jail , then it will be off to the pot with him. All my girls seem so on edge giving him wide berth to stay out of his way. I got a orpington roo 7 weeks , but he isn't ready to go in with the girls yet.My brahma roo is growing in with his girls they are 7 weeks as well. I guess we wait & see what happens but i'm thinking you can't change nature. [​IMG] Oh well he will make a good round of stock. [​IMG]

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    Goofy little guy!


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