Chicken kisses!!!!!

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  1. It was nice out today, so the girls and 'Bird were happy to be out. 'Bird
    was a happy boy.

  2. [​IMG]

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  3. [​IMG]

  4. [​IMG]
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    Awe, such a good boy.

    Does he just hop up there on his own?
  6. Yea, he letss me know he wants up,i lean over and he jumps up on my back. Then he walks up my back and hangs out on my shoulder.
  7. I have a " Parakeet"... I mean Rosecomb bantams named Junebug who spends most of her time in a parrot cage in my bedroom! She perches on my shoulder while I make breakfast and watches TV on a perch or on the couch with me!

    Aw! He looks like a sweet boy :)

  8. Then Sandy fell asleep in my coat hood!

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  9. and they all took a siesta!

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