Chicken ladder pitch - landing?

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    I'm putting the finishing touches on the coop/run. The height of the exit from the pop door is 36 inches, and the distance to the farthest wall of the run is 60 inches, giving me roughly a 8/12 pitch, or 33.5 degree slope for the chicken ladder. Is this too steep? I can break the steepness up by breaking up the slope half way down to the ground via installing a landing and making a second ladder extending to the ground. Is this necessary? Can the hens climb a 33 degree ladder? Will they figure out how to navigate one ladder leading left to right, turn on the landing, then another ladder leading right to left back up into the elevated coop? I need some advice before making the final installation.

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    No ideas??? Come on y'all, help a brother out.

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    Feb 4, 2010
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    I am 30" from the ground to the top of the ramp at the door. I am 6" from the ground at the bottom of the ramp. I have a piece under it to raise it up. It is 48" wall to wall.
    There is slats 1/2" x 1 1/2" that are 5 1/2" on center. They go up and down without a problem. Hope this helps you.
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    I think that you are going to be fine with the angle. The pitch on our ramp out to the run is 45deg and have not had a problem with it.

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