chicken laws for Albany Oregon?

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    Oct 22, 2008
    I'm thinking about moving to Albany Oregon but can't find what the law is on keeping backyard chickens. I'm hoping to buy .6 of an acre on the outskirts so it shouldn't be a problem but just want to make sure. Anyone from Albany know what the code is? Thank you! Judith
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    In Corvallis there are no restrictions except for your typical noise/nuisance ordinances. You will want to call Albany City Hall to find out for sure. I will PM you their number.
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    I know this is an old thread but figured I would answer in case any other Albany, Oregon folk come looking for info:

    (1) For poultry, fowl (including domestic and game birds raised for meat, eggs, breeding, or other purposes) and rabbits, not more than two animals on any lot less than 7,000 square feet in area; for each additional animal there shall be an additional 3,000 square feet of lot area.

    (3) Persons desiring to keep more animals than permitted by this section may do so with approval of the City Manager only when written approval is obtained from the owners of all improved property contiguous to the applicant(s) and which is within 200 feet of any fence, hutch, or pen containing the animals.
    (4) Permission granted by the City Manager is revokable by the City Council. (Ord. 4558 § 1, 1983).

    All animals covered by this chapter shall be contained entirely on private property under the control of the owner(s) of such animals and in accordance with the following additional provisions.
    (1) All poultry, fowl, and rabbits shall be contained within hutches, fences, or pens inaccessible to other predatory animals and set back a minimum of 10 feet from adjoining property lines and 20 feet from any public right-of-way.

    6.10.040 Public nuisance – Designated.

    Animals described within this chapter and domestic cats shall be considered a public nuisance in the following instances:
    (1) The number of animals maintained on any premises is found to exceed the number allowed by this chapter.
    (2) Any animal or group of animals which make loud or frequent noises disruptful of any person’s comfort or repose.
    (3) Any animal or group of animals which through accumulated waste or other reason cause offensive odors detectable from any right-of-way or adjoining property.
    (4) Any animal, which when unprovoked, bites, kicks, scratches, or otherwise threatens the safety of any person.
    (5) Any animal which habitually escapes from confinement and trespasses on public or private property. Trespass of more than two occasions shall be considered habitual under the meaning of this section.

    *****All that being said, ask the city manager by email for permissions if you need it. I was granted conditional permit without the signatures provided my neighbors do not complain to the city and get my permit revoked. otherwise I am only allowed two chickens with out a permit for my small lot.

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