Chicken Laws in Iowa?


9 Years
Feb 25, 2010
Does anyone know what the policy is for keeping chickens in town in the state of Iowa. I live in Coralville/Iowa City area and know from experience that it's usually quite liberal on what you can keep as a pet. Anyway, help would be great on finding out the law. I've gone to town hall and all they do is look at me like I'm mad and give me no real answer on the subject.

I want to find out before I spend a bunch of money buying my chickens and setting up a coop and everything.
First off,
to BYC from another Iowan.

Secondly, I believe Iowa City is one of the recent newsmakers with regard to the city council refusing poultry in the city limits. The city hall should be able to tell you.
Here some recent info:

As far as leniency, I just cannot tell you how they would be.
But welcome! and good luck!
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My best guess would be to call the animal shelter there. I would guess they have the most experence or knowledge when it comes to what the animal laws are there or at least can tell you who to ask at city hall that would know.

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