Chicken Laws in SouthWest, Ohio

Discussion in 'Local Chicken Laws & Ordinances' started by chicsoneeyelove, Jan 17, 2009.

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    Jan 17, 2009
    Franklin, Ohio
    I live in a Township in Warren County, Ohio. I have lived in this neighborhood for 30 years of my life we have everything from chickens, cats, dogs, rabbits, horses, ponys, donkeys, cows, and cattle. I can name 6 close neighbors close by who have chickens in their backyards. So, I assumed that we could have them, Now I'm being told I have to get rid of my 15 chickens that I have spent the last 6months raising organically. If I appeal it is going to cost me over 400.00 How is that fair when the complaint is free. The grounds they are using is that Zoning Violation Section 6.02 (O) buildings for animals. Any building for animals, other than for two dogs or cats, shall be at least Eighty-five feet from every property line. My problem is no neighbor in this area is 85 feet from anyones property lines. And the Inspector tried to get me to complain on my neighbors and give up there addresses. Thats not right, And I wouldn't do that to my neighbors. Please if anyone has any suggestion or zoning advice please contact me before February 5th 2009. I'm just trying to save my chickens whom I have come to love as pets.
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    Sorry to hear that. I take it, one of your livestock free neighbors narked on you? If so, you may just be the first... I just moved up here myself in april, but bought 5.001 acres. Apparently the .001 means that I can raise ANYTHING. (yes, I called and checked, because I wanted a couple feeder pigs this year. I was told that since I had 'over' 5 acres, I didn't need to pay attention to the 85 foot rule, and I didn't even need a barn for any livestock...go figure). I had egg and meat chickens when I lived in cincinnati and all I did was check with my neighbors first and shoot them some eggs now and then. No problems, ever!
    If you end up having to rehome your birds while you work on changing the stupid law, please let me know;barring coyotes, raccoons, or hawks eating them, they'll live the good life over here (if they're egg chickens. If they're meaties, you can grow them out here.) karla
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    I live in Worthington, Ohio - a suburb to the north of Columbus. Our city ordinance says that "chicken, cattle, and horses," must be kept at least 150 feet from any neighbors residence (the structure, not the property line). That makes just about every piece of land in the city out of bounds, including ours.

    It sounds like you've looked into getting your local ordinance changed. I'd be really interested to hear more details on that. My experience has so far been pretty positive in my community.

    I wrote a letter to our city council, suggesting that chickens be removed from the list of horses and cattle. They would still be governed by the ordinances pertaining to cleanliness, noise control, and nusiance restrictions on all domestic pets. They got back to me in a day and have asked me to come talk at the next Council meeting, this Tuesday. That's pretty encouraging, but nothing has been decided yet.

    I'd advise polite persistence. Urban chickens as pets is something that's been gaining some popularity lately. There was a good piece in Newsweek, and a spot on NPR, Jan 11. Let your city council know that its something people are paying attention to, and they might hear you out.

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    Not sure which township in Warren County you're located but here is an email from zoning enforcement officer in Deerfield Township.
    Not sure if you can read it but basically only 4 chickens no Roosters and 25 feet from adjacent residence and must be confined and provided shelter. That's rules for single family dwelling in Deerfield Township, Warren County Ohio

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