chicken laws Mass towns of Lakeville, Sharon, Norton, Easton

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    Jun 1, 2010
    Middleboro, MA
    I'm trying to buy a home in one of the above towns. Does anyone know the chicken laws for any of those towns? It was unclear on their websites.

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    Quote:It took about 5 minutes of searching for the first town of Lakeville: go to the by-laws
    Here's the zoning by-laws:
    : (R=Residential, Y=permitted, SP=special permit required)
    4.1.1 Residential Uses R B I I-B
    Accessory Apartment Y SP N SP(Adopted 6/15/09, approved by Attorney General 8/18/09)
    Single-family, detached dwellings Y SP N SP
    Farm, garden, greenhouse or nursery, including the Y Y Y Y
    display and sale of natural products; when involving
    the raising and keeping of livestock other than for the
    private use of the residents
    , allowed only on parcels
    of five (5) acres or larger.

    Stand for the sale of agricultural products less than 5 acres SP SP SP SP

    I could not find specifics on poultry but it looks like the raising and keeping of livestock for the private use of residents is allowed.

    Here are the general by-laws:
    only reference to animals was a leash law for dogs.

    Mind you I only skimmed the combined 150 pages.

    I would call them and ask them citing this zoning by-law and reconfirm. If they deny then ask them where specifically it outlaws poultry, don't just take the gate-keepers word for it. I have found that some people say no when they really don't know the answer.

    Try looking up the other towns ( ie google Sharon, MA) and then look at their by-laws.
  3. Chicken Chickita

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    Jun 1, 2010
    Middleboro, MA
    Thanks so much. That was so helpful!!! I'm so nervous about looking for a house that I can have my chickens but also finding a good neighborhood on other criteria as well. At least it will probably narrow down the search. Surprisingly, my realtor had no idea about poultry laws.

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