Chicken laying down, crooked neck, neck twisted with with one swollen shut eye


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Sep 4, 2015

I went to get eggs this morning and noticed one of my pullets laying in the middle of the coop. It seemed odd so I went to reach for her when I noticed her neck seemed severely twisted and her head was turned so that only one swollen eye that was shut was looking upwards. She doesn't move, her neck and head just lolled but her neck stayed in more or less the same rigid position. I'm really not good at documenting her symptoms but I also noticed a thin gray line or trail of discharge coming from her nostril/beak.

I'm worried this is Newcastle Disease. I know this happened very recently but I can't account for her being well yesterday because it was cold and they all stayed inside the coop for the most part.

What is this and what do I do? I isolated her from the rest of the flock but she didn't move. Her body seems swollen as if she's ruffled her feathers permanently. And I checked her gullet, she hasn't been eating it seems. I'm worried that it's contagious and that it'll spread to my other birds or my family.

I'm mentally preparing for the worst and fearing whatever got her sick will result in a massive toll of my flock. Help!


Aug 21, 2015
If she that bad off i would put her down and send her body off to get tested and necropsy done so you know

We're glad you're here! So sorry about your sick chicken
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