chicken laying from roost?

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    7 of my 10 chickens started laying 2 weeks ago. They all lay in their nest box with the exception of one Easter egger. I've found 3 good eggs under the roost and one cracked one. The roost is about 6' high. I thought she was laying under the roost until I went out today and saw her on the roost and could tell she was about to lay. I put my hand under her and within five seconds . . . PLOP! an egg pops out and I caught it! Nice pretty green egg. I thought to myself, how cool, I caught a very egg! Then I thought to myself, how do I keep this stupid chicken from laying on the roost? I'm not talking about laying the egg at night, but going in the coop by herself, in the middle of the day, flying up to the top roost and laying an egg. Anybody have a chicken that goes in the coop and lays from the roost? If so, how do I stop it?

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    ?shut her in a dog crate with a nest box and no roost? I've never had one do this more than once or twice before she found the box. It might make her want to sleep in the box, I dunno. Maybe just do it til she lays the egg.

    Hope this helps [​IMG]
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    Quote:If it doesent work ^ and the chicken refuses to go in the box, find where she like to lay on the roost and build a box under the roost about 5 cm under the roost and then you can colletc your eggs unbroken [​IMG] [​IMG] Hope this helps if that one fails (not saying its bad because its good [​IMG])
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    I had one pullet that was laying from the roost in October. Eventually she figured out the next box. I assumed that it was her young age. I also found eggs in the run occasionally the first month or so that they were laying.
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    I had a GC Maran that did it frequently.

    I put her in a breeding pen... and for a while, half the time it was from the roost, the other half of the time in the nest box.

    No floor eggs in a month now.. perhaps she's figured it out.

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