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    Aug 17, 2016
    We have 15 chickens. One of our hens matured faster than the others and starting laying eggs about 2 weeks ago. Much sooner than we had expected. None of the others are laying yet. We still had the nesting boxes closed off which is our mistake, because she never had a chance to check them out. So, now she's been laying for 2 weeks and started by laying them under the roosting bar in all the poop. Then she started laying in the corners. We cleared all the shavings from the floor and really cleaned the coop. Then I put buckets in the corners to keep her from laying there. With her favorite places blocked and us making several attempts at putting her in the nest box, she has resorted to going on the roost bar during the day and laying her egg. Ultimately the egg drops and breaks, making a mess. Does anybody have any other ideas for us?
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    You could try putting fake eggs or golf balls in the nest boxes. I did have one bird that decided an outside sink was a good place to lay - I just picked her up every time i found her there and put in a nest - only took about 3 days before she got the idea.

    Around a year ago i began using 6" of dried grass clippings / leaves as litter in my coop. The girls seemed delighted and began laying on the ground, in the litter. I removed the nest boxes and left them to their own devices. Personally, i think its easier to let chickens do what they feel best, as long as the inconvenience to me is acceptable. Collecting eggs from the ground is no big deal to me, so its fine.

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    Aug 17, 2016
    Thank you for the input. We do have golf balls in the nest boxes. We're just at a total loss on what to do.
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    Personally I never use golf balls....I had hens that prefer to lay in the corners and others that use the nest boxes. I just keep the corner with clean shavings and straw and never thought anything of it?
    Only you know how your chickens act. If it is okay with you? She will be fine.
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    Are the nests easy to get into and out of?
    Has she been in the nests at all?
    Pics of nests might help us spot something amiss.

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