Chicken laying with ducks

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    Jun 15, 2011
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    I have a golden campine whp just started laying. She is laying her eggs out in the run with the runner ducks' eggs. The ducks moved their lay site regularly she moves with them. My other laying pullets all lay in the next boxes in the coop. Any reason for this other than that's where she likes to lay? I wouldn't mind so much except her egg gets muddy from being outside in the rain/dirt.

    I've put a nest box out in the area where she lays her egg to see if she'll start using it, thinking if she get used to it, then I'll move it in the coop so she has to go in there. Last resort is to lock her in the coop until she starts using the next box, but would prefer not to as that's where the food for everyone is.

    Strange that she would prefer out in the relative open to more private nest box.
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    I would think your only choices would be to lock up the chickens or lock up the ducks. You've got a stubborn girl there. I don't have ducks, but good luck.

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