Chicken leg joint injury

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    Dec 22, 2013
    Couple of months ago one of my large white hens started limping real bad on her right leg. Did not feel any breaks, it appeared to be in the joint in the middle of her leg. She continued jumping up on the low roost ( about 18" high ) for the night and seem to be improving. She took a turn for the worse and no longer would stand. I did what I should have done in the beginning and built her a small pen within the large pen and her own small hen house within the large hen house. For the last 3 weeks I transfer her back and forth. I let the hens out a few hours a day to free range and I take her out to the lawn and place her away from the other hens as they all pick on her now and I supervise untill I place in in her pen for the night. She is improving and wants to fit in the the other birds. I've let her mingle a little each day, more and more as time goes on. Some days I see an improvement in her walking and some days she looks to have backed up a few days in her healing. She eats and drinks, She actually drinks water excessively and it eventually comes out the other end mostly water with partially dissolved but still formed layer pellets. She used to like being held but even my picking her up to transfer her she tries to get away and squawks?? As she walks now the injured leg lowers closer to the ground each time she puts weight on it. She is definitely improving but slowly, I guess I'll continue doing what I'm doing, I add electrolytes with vitamins and a little sugar to her water. Any advise would be greatly appreciated.
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    Welcometo BYC. She could have a bad sprain, but some things to research would be mycoplasma synoviae, and viral arthritis or tenosynovitis.

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