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Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by lisabug, May 6, 2008.

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    Hey all! My 4th grade step daughter (10 years old) is "teaching" a lesson on chickens and ducks. She is suppose to do a hands on lesson as well. She lives in a different state and WE have the chickens and ducks not her mom. So show and tell doesn't work. Any ideas?? She got to pick the topic so I really want to help her out.

    Also do you have any kid friendly sites you know about chickens and ducks. I am brainstorming too but wondering if you like minded chicken peeps might have some too...

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    Send her some pics or a video would be even better. That way she can see MOM (my other mother) and DAD. I know she would love it.
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    Can you get a package to her before she has to do it?

    If so, what if you sent her some feathers, and she could explain a shiny primary from a fluffy feather, etc. She could go and get their true names, and explain their different purposes to the bird.

    Also, she could take 2 glass bowls to class, with a local eggs, and conventional store eggs. Then she could crack one of each in a bowl, and pass them around to let the other children see the difference in the yolk, white, etc. How tough it is, how much darker, etc. She could give the correct names for all parts of the egg, then explain it in relation to a baby chick.

    Too, what if she took in some feed, oyster shell etc., and passed it around, explaining about their food needs, need for calcium, and such?

    Also, there's a site where she can print out a chick growing day by day. (Click on Growing Chicks.)

    Good Luck! [​IMG]
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    All of the above and if you have good pics of your birds you could have them printed on overhead plastic sheets that she could use to show them the birds.

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