Chicken lethargic and off food, unknown cause.

Jon James

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8 Years
Feb 7, 2011
We have a new (just into lay) chicken that has suddenly become unwell.
Up until a week ago she was in perfect health but has slowly become very lethargic and off her food. Apart from a few loose poos she seems well in that she has no runny nose, a bright comb, etc. Although she may be drinking a lot but its hard to tell if this is just due to the hot weather. She has even been laying. All other birds in the flock are really well and were wormed etc prior to arrival.
My concern is that if she doesn't start eating soon she will rapidly decline. I have been offering her treats, corn, banana, etc but she has now started to decline these. Although lethargic she still has the energy to be very hard to catch!
I have started to put magic multistrain probiotic in the drinking water and giving four seasons anti-parasitic preparation direct once and day.
I am at a loss as to what else to do and any advice would be great. I have to say though that our birds aren't pets and vets are not really an option.
Many thanks
Also I have checked her crop and its empty, but not foul smelling.
No sign of infection but now won't touch any food.

Any ideas would be great as I'm really at a loss.
I think I have solved the problem, WORMS.
She has just done a poop on the shed floor and it has thin white worms in it as well as some red lumps (blood I assume).
I have some flubenvet so will add to the feed only problem is getting her to take it.
I'm really annoyed as we bought them as wormed only a few weeks ago. Oh well lession learned, always worm new hens.

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