Chicken limping on left leg but has tumor-like growth on right foot? Another chicken dead already?

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    Aug 28, 2016
    Hey guys,

    I have a red sex linked hen who is limping pretty heavily on her left leg for the past week or so and I noticed she's developing a bump on her right foot in between her toes (kind of looks like bumblefoot but without the scab).
    She refuses to leave the coop and when she does she stays very close. I have her separated from the rest of my flock after one of my males bred her and just stood on her, she didn't make a move to get up even after I chased him off her. Once separated, she gobbled up food I had placed for her and drank plenty of water. I had checked her abdomen to see if she was perhaps eggbound or had any issues (we had a couple cases of salpingitis last year) but she felt pretty empty.
    The thing that has me most worried is that this morning we found on of our chickens dead underneath their coop, I wanted to perform a quick necropsy to see if there was anything unusual but the chicken was buried before I could get my hands on it

    Any help would be nice thank you!

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    Sep 27, 2014
    I think she still has bumble foot. My hen always shows a bump between her toes. You can take her to the vet and have it removed, or watch youtube videos and do it yourself. I have had to work on my hen three times now. And yes it does come back. What happens is they may have punctured or cut the foot on improper roosting material, or something in the yard. Then a sort of bone spur type object starts to build up in the pad. it isnt a bone spur, It is actually free floating, that is just the best image i can think of! and the tell tale sign of a scab on the pad is there also. If left untreated, it can lead to infection in the hens body. But i personally have never heard of a hen dying from it. You can feel the growth if you gently squeeze the pad from the sides.
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